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Best 12 Podcasts for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Business leaders and learners have recently turned to podcasts as a great source of education and motivation. With more business podcasts launching in iTunes, it is becoming more challenging to best the best podcasts without wasting time and money.

Here are the best twelve podcasts for business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Youpreneur FM

Find plenty of smart entrepreneurs who become successful from their personal brand. Chris Ducker’s podcast is aimed at listeners who want to learn more about personal branding as his guests include everything from building your brand to interviews with top business minds. Here you will learn how to market your success and succeed as a solopreneur.

The Twenty Minute VC

What to find out how you can become a venture capitalist? The Twenty Minute VC offers two interviews with investors every week finding out what they do, what they look for and how they do it. The show is notable for its quick episodes that are rich in content.

This Week in Startups

Host Jason Calacanis brings a combination of current news, inside business gossip, company profiles and a ton of information in each episode. Here you will find all the latest trends in business and what’s happening now.


Host Alex Blumberg is also the former product of NPR’s Planet Money. With two seasons in, StartUp has turned into one of the favorite podcasts for new businesses who are looking to achieve success. The podcast is well produced and includes useful information that will be familiar to listeners. StartUp covers the issues of starting a company and bringing in productive partners.


The podcast offers various episodes that examine different professions with interviews of people in various positions. If you’re looking for motivation from real people, check out what motivates and what they did to reach success.

Mixergy: Startup Stories

Host Andrew Warner makes the podcast unique as his interviews with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs. The online business courses they promote represents conversations that work as a “how-to” guide for building a company. Every interview provides the in-depth topic of sales, customer acquisition, and product development.

Entrepreneur On Fire

Entrepreneur On Fire is an award-winning podcast where host John Lee Dumas provides inspirational interviews with the top entrepreneurs daily. Here you can expect to discover motivational stories from entrepreneurs, take inspiration and ideas that will transform your business.


Host Kay Ryssdal’s free podcast publishes a new episode daily. The show does an excellent job of delivered what matters with the understanding of what’s going on in the economy. Here you will find stories of both success and failure that keeps us inspired, motivated, and well informed.

HBR IdeaCast

The Harvard Business Review has grown to become a reliable source of business advice, inspiration, and opinions by many professionals in the business market. The HBR IdeaCast discussed the philosophy in business, strategy, growth, motivation, marketing, and growth as well as other topics that business leaders should always stay up to date.

Fresh Air

The long-term public radio podcast has become a major staple that has ever existed. Terry Gross’ podcast is uploaded daily to a curious host who allows listeners to ask her questions about her subjects. Gross speaks with CEOs, musicians, comedians, writers, scientific researchers, heads of state, and anyone who catches her attention in business.

From Scratch

Podcast Host Jessica Harris talks about the key topics in business that can only be learned through hours of hard work. She interviews company successors of brands both big and small. Whether your business is an eco-friendly alternative or new energy drinks looking to take off, you will find a wealth of business wisdom by listening to this podcast.

Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing podcast offers an insider’s look at what it takes to get your business to be seen by potential target customers. The podcast covers everything from creating content to branding and mobile target strategies that will help you generate sales.

The Duct Tape Marketing podcast will also give some tips and insider strategies that the top brands use today in modern marketing. Here you will discover the various techniques and strategies that are suited for your business.

Do you listen to any business podcasts? What are your favorites? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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